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Reflections from the Tutors International Team on the 2023 Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum in Dubai

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CEO, Adam Caller, and his colleagues recently returned from the 2023 Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum in Dubai and share their impressions of the conference.

The 2023 Dubai Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum took place at the Palace Downtown Hotel, Dubai, on 31st January and 1st February. Family Office Forums are tailored to local and regional interest points and are exclusively designed for family principals, family office executives, wealth owners, private investors and a select few partners. The aim is to share best practice in governance and investments as well as to provide an international outlook on the most crucial family office and private investor topics.

Prestel & Partner organised an informative two-day programme of expert panellists and presentations for over a hundred Family Offices and ultra-high net-worth (UHNW) individuals based in the middle east and beyond. Tutors International was once again the sole representative from the private education sector and, as experts in their field, were best placed to inform their audience on the advantages of specialist private tuition at the prestigious event. The team, comprising CEO, Adam Caller, colleagues, Chief Operations Officer, Victoria Gibbs, Client Account Manager, Joanna Dunckley Phillips and current tutor, John Gardener, gave a 30-minute presentation on the first day of the conference in the section of the programme entitled: ‘Your Next Generation: Tips for Success’.

The Benefits of Attending the Family Forums

CEO, Adam Caller was keen to express his thoughts about the benefits of attending the Forum:

“Once again, it was a privilege for Tutors International to attend the Prestel & Partner conference and to be able to enlighten our audience on the advantages of residential, private tuition. These family forums enable professionals at the top of their game to exchange ideas, knowledge and expertise across a wide range of topics. There is a burgeoning interest from attending UHNW families in the personalised services we provide. This can be attributed to our regular attendance at the Prestel & Partner conferences. Families are approaching us to ask for cards and brochures so they may pass them on to their network. It feels like we are becoming more of a trusted brand within these circles”.

Chief Operations Officer, Victoria Gibbs, reported that the Tutors International presentation was very well-received by those present:

“We were able to inform the audience about the world of full-time, private, residential tuition using a mix of research, analogies, and humour and it was evident from the subsequent questions that they were fully engaged”.

Ms Gibbs was also fulsome in her praise regarding the organisation of the conference:

“Every detail, from the venue and speakers down to the flowers, staging and lights, had been meticulously planned. We met some fascinating new people from a variety of industries and were able to catch up with some existing contacts and friends during the coffee and lunch breaks”.

Why Choose Private Tuition?

Current tutor, John Gardener, is a newcomer to presenting at the Prestel & Partner conferences. A firm believer in the advantages of private tutoring, he shed light on why he chooses private tutoring over teaching in mainstream education:

“Supporting and expanding that dynamic between curiosity and knowledge acquisition is education at its best. Yet even with the best intentions and with the most dedicated classroom teacher, no school in the world has the range of resources to deliver education that is custom-made for individual learners”.

“Customised private education is tailor-made to work in complete sync with the child’s personality, individual interests and goals by boosting their strengths and addressing weaknesses in exciting ways. It offers education in its most complete and effective form. Tutors International begins with the child’s curiosity, embraces it, celebrates it, and supports and enhances it. The differences in learning outcomes and goal achievement are evident as a result”.

As for the educator’s experience, providing personalised private education is not just deeply rewarding, but is a privilege. It is a rare and precious chance to play a direct part in a student’s personal and educational development. It enhances not only their academic outcomes, but their confidence, creativity, and motivation. In doing so, it fulfils, in a way that no other educational format can, all of the things that called us into the teaching profession in the first place. It is truly a win-win situation for learners,  their families, and the tutors who often become lifelong friends and mentors to our former students, underlining the remarkable, supportive connection that customised private education both creates and thrives on. I can truly say that my years of private home educating with Tutors International have been the most professionally rewarding of my teaching career”.

Tutors International: The Role of Full-Time Private Tuition

Tutors International are a private tutoring company specialising in finding the perfect full-time residential tutor for UHNW families. As well as conducting customised recruitment processes to find perfectly matched tutors for each Client, their ability to innovate in the tutoring market has set them apart from other high-end tutoring companies. Aside from launching ventures like Sea Tutors and the Mentorship Programme, their core function of sourcing high-end tutors is exceptional in itself. Mr Caller comments on why Tutors International are considered to be experts in the field of bespoke private tuition:

“Home-schooling with a perfectly matched tutor means it is possible to tailor a child’s education to the family’s exact requirements. Tutors International are experts at providing high-quality personalised tuition. We have extensive global experience placing superb private tutors in full-time positions and we can provide tutors for all circumstances, whether residential or live-out, instead of school, or as well as school. We can offer full home-schooling, support in addition to school, or any combination of these, in any location worldwide. We’ve placed full-time tutors with students who struggled with bullying in mainstream schooling, have special educational needs, have demanding commitments in sports or performing, and families who travel regularly”.

Tutors International also respects the work of superlative tutors by paying them some of the best salaries in the industry compared to most other tutoring companies. Mr Caller advises parents who are considering employing a full-time private tutor to factor in costs in the region of £200,000 – £300,000 per annum, depending on their circumstances. The figure quoted to each Client will be all-inclusive with no additional costs incurred for the duration of the contract. Mr Caller explains why tutors can command such high salaries:

“We find that parents are more than happy to pay a premium for the sake of their child’s education. Getting that perfect fit, finding the tutor who inspires learning, turns grades around, encourages deeper thought and greater insight, who travels with the family, plays tennis, and helps them all learn a new language and culture if they are relocating – finding that person is worth every penny.”

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