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Unleashing New Languages’ Full Potential

Unleashing New Languages’ Full Potential

During the back-to-school period, parents might find that school curriculums are not as expansive as desired. In this sense, foreign language programs are not the exception. Considering that children tend to learn languages more effortlessly than adults, LingoAce, the leading language learning platform for students aged 5 to 18, has developed a distinctive way to enhance Mandarin Chinese learning process.

Given that China is expected to become the world’s largest economy by 2032, the ability to speak Mandaring Chinese will be crucial to stand out in the labour market. Moreover, research has shown that Chinese-speakers use both hemispheres of the brain, unlike the majority of other language-speakers. As a result, this might expand valuable skills, such as: problem solving, creative thinking and flexibility.

Hugh Yao, CEO and founder of LingoAce said:

At LingoAce we acknowledge that every learner is unique, with varied language proficiencies, goals and even personalities. Therefore, our Chinese course users are offered a choice of teachers as well as the ability to tailor their curriculum towards different learning needs and objectives. So that they can learn a new language in a way that is best suited to their skills and learning style”.

LingoAce learners also benefit from an unique learning methodology, based in gamification. As research shows, gamified content can boost learning motivation together with learning achievement. Additionally, the immersive aspect of its Chinese programs enhances the students’ engagement levels, turning LingoAce into a committed partner to parents who want to give their children different opportunities.

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