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Virtual Human Introduces 4 Secrets to Increase Success of New AI from IGPP Experts: Guildhawk

When 10 experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) gave their exclusive insight on how to advance AI in the public sector at the Institute of Government & Public Policy (IGPP) forum, it was not the host David Clarke that summarised the big findings but his authentic Guildhawk Multilingual Virtual Human Twin avatar.

Screen shot of Virtual Human Twin avatar of Guildhawk Head of Integrity David Clarke introducing lessons from Institute of Government & Public Policy event on Artificial Intelligence AI
The Virtual Human Twin of Guildhawk Director David Clarke introduces the 4 Secrets of AI Success

Introducing amazing new AI will help you improve productivity, increase trust and save money across the public sector or so we are told. The IGPP event asked what are the worst risks and big challenges and what is the secret to getting the results you want from AI?

Screenshot of the guildhawk Virtual Human Twin Multilingual avatar Guildhawk Head of Integrity David Clarke from multilingual AI avatar video sharing big lessons from Institute of Government & Public Policy event on Articicial Intelligence
Clean Data that’s trusted and free from bias plays a big part in guaranteeing new Industry 4.0 AI succeeds

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