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New AI-powered interview training tool transforms the way they prepare students for the competitive job market

@Abintegro launches revolutionary #AI interview training tool 

UK technology company Abintegro announces the launch of Interview360, a revolutionary AI-powered interview training tool that helps every FE student to optimise their performance for in-person and video interviews, and enables careers services to transform the way they prepare students for the competitive job market.

Interview360 has been launched at a time when video interviews have become the norm within recruitment processes. Students can now scan their CV to take a video mock interview based on the actual content of their CV, receiving instant AI feedback on their communication, body language and speech.

The launch of Interview360 follows extensive market research with 4500 students and 157 careers advisors from 100 academic institutions. The research showed that two thirds of students have no digital interview experience, and if faced with an interview tomorrow, over 30% would not feel confident.

The research confirmed that 97% of careers teams consider an online interview practice tool for students to be a highly important component to their careers service moving forward. The research also revealed one-to-one interview training can take around an hour on average to complete per person and careers teams struggle to scale this labour-intensive service.

Interview360 will transform the ability for any academic institution to scale personalised interview skills training to all students.

Speaking about its launch, Tony Heard, Managing Director at Abintegro, said:

“The increase in use of video interviews by employers is happening at a time when a significant proportion of students have no digital interview experience and university campuses have had to switch to remote delivery of their employability support.

We are thrilled to launch Interview360 and equip our academic clients with a tool that builds student confidence and increases their chances of interview success. For the first time, careers teams can now provide a personalised, high-quality, and scalable approach to interview training.”

Interview360 is the latest addition to Abintegro’s career development platform, containing 5000 career tools, assessments and eLearning resources, all designed to make a measurable impact on the career development of our clients’ users.

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