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AELP backs Apprenticeship vision plan

AELP has welcomed a new Apprenticeship plan from the government that will allow all providers to offer Traineeships next year, and not just those graded 1 or 2.

The ‘English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 Vision’ plan also outlines how old frameworks will transition to the new standards, a shift that will now be smoother after lengthy discussions between the government and AELP (Association of Employment and Learning Providers).

“The plan has usefully pulled together all the strands of the Apprenticeship reforms and together they lay a solid foundation for achieving the three million target,” said AELP chief executive Stewart Segal.

“There are still concerns, particularly around how the levy will work and the funding support for SMEs. AELP and providers are now heavily involved in the discussions on these challenges and recent progress suggests that we will be an important part of the solution

“Above all, we need to keep the new system for apprenticeships simple for employers and prospective apprentices to understand. There are complexities in the funding proposals which need to be sorted out if employers of all sizes are going to be part of future provision.”

Natalie Thornhill

(Pictured: AELP CEO Stewart Segal)

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