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Alliances for effective apprenticeships

Nazrene Mannie, Executive Director, GAN Global Apprenticeship Network

What makes up a successful national apprenticeship system?

Updating Australia’s apprenticeship system  

Multi-level governance, accompanied with effective coordination and sustainable financing are key factors. Find out more from Gary Workman, GAN Australia Executive Director who joined us with GAN Costa Rica on 28 October at this year’s WorldSkills conference for a session focused on alliances for effective apprenticeships.

In a new collaborative report from PwC, Social Ventures Australia, GAN Australia and the Apprentice Employment Network (Victoria), measures are identified to build an apprenticeship system for the modern world, while remedying Australia’s chronic skills shortages. 

According to Gary Workman, “past attempts to update the apprenticeship system and support businesses to establish strong training pipelines have repeatedly failed because they have overemphasised some policies at the expense of others”.

More on the measures identified needed to generate change in the What Will It Take report.

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