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Apprenticeships “route to recovery”, say training experts

@phxtraining : The stories of six young people from across the North West are being highlighted by leading training organisation PHX Training to encourage companies to explore apprenticeships as part of a national awareness week.

The company, which serves Lancashire and Cumbria, is encouraging organisations of all sizes to take on apprenticeships to grow or upskill their workforce.

National Apprenticeship Week runs from 8-14 February to promote the great work of apprentices across the country and the role apprenticeships can play in the economic recovery. Statistics show that apprentices are more likely to help companies grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

The apprenticeship stories of Beth Wilson, Emily Alderson, Anna Colclough, James Bloxham, Frankie Hillman, and Chloe Durkin show apprenticeships help young people find their first paid jobs, allow businesses to fill gaps in their staff, and help companies upskill their current staff to train up new managers and team leaders.

The stories are all being shared across the North West in a bid to raise awareness of the programme amongst local employers and young people.

Becci Byers, Head of Work Based Learning at PHX Training, said: “Everybody knows that young people have been hit hard by Covid, but apprenticeships offer a very real route to recovery.

“Apprenticeships are such a great tool for businesses to start preparing for growth again, by skilling up their current staff members to take on extra responsibilities, filling gaps in their current skillset or simply bringing on an extra pair of hands which will allow them to take on extra work.

“We can deliver apprenticeships across a range of different qualifications and skills, from customer service and business administration, through to programmes such as warehousing or team leadership.”

PHX Training delivers government-backed initiatives including adult skills – Maths, English and vocational courses, NEET (not in education, employment or training), employability contracts and apprenticeships.

The company specialises in apprenticeship qualifications in business administration skills, offering learners skills for roles such as office executive, office supervisor, membership administrator and personal administrator. Apprenticeships delivered by PHX also include team leading, customer service, hospitality, management and warehousing across the North West.

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