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Bradford College Art lecturer is part of international art festival

An art lecturer from Bradford College has spent summer taking part in a prestigious international art festival.

Carole Griffiths has been in Italy at the Venice Art Biennale, a world-renowned contemporary art exhibition that is held every second year and attracts millions of visitors.

Carole, who teaches on the BA (Hons) Visual Arts degree at Bradford School of Art, was selected for a fellowship at the Biennale which meant spending one month in Venice conducting research and helping visitors understand the artworks.

The Biennale is open to the public for six months, from May until November. It has taken place in the Italian city every two years since 1895. Countries each have their own ‘pavilion’ in which to showcase their artists. Carole was based in the British Pavilion, invigilating the exhibition of British creatives’ work and conducting independent research. The theme for this year’s exhibition is, ‘May You Live In Interesting Times’.

The Bradford College lecturer, herself a sculptor and PhD student at Coventry University, was selected for the Venice Fellowships by the British Council and she faced fierce competition for the highly-prized honour.

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