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Babington Receive 100% Distinction Rate for Regulatory Compliance Officer Qualification


@_Babington, an Ofsted Grade 2 national training provider, has announced that their first completers for the Regulatory Compliance Officer apprenticeship have all received a distinction, the highest grade possible for this qualification. Babington learners are the first to receive distinctions anywhere in the country for this award.

Babington commenced the RCO programme in February 2019, with 6 learners completing recently with flying colours, all receiving a distinction!

Three of these learners are employed by the Nottinghamshire County Council Trading Standards, one is based at the North Lincolnshire Council in the Environmental Health Service, one works for a national regulator enforcing Environmental Laws and another learner works as a Compliance Officer within an Insurance Broker.

The Regulatory Compliance Officer Level 4 qualification has given the learners from Nottinghamshire County Council a substantial exemption from the Trading Standards Professional qualifications and they will now go on to study for the higher-level professional qualifications.

The learner from the North Lincolnshire Council plans to now study for an Environmental Health degree.

This accomplishment means that Babington currently hold a 100% distinction rate for the Regulatory Compliance Officer Apprenticeship.

Babington has apprentices on the programme from a wide variety of both national and local regulators in services such as Taxi Licensing, Housing, Planning, Environment, Health & Safety, Public Health, Animal Health and Railway Safety.

Learners hone their skills and knowledge to enable them to undertake investigations to ensure public and environmental protection. They also learn how to support businesses to prosper by sharing best practice and guiding them to achieve high levels of customer service.

Babington has a new cohort of learners starting on this programme on the 24th November 2020 and expect to take on many more RCO apprentices in 2021.

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