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Banham Academy continues to raise the bar with first IET approval for the security industry

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London-based trailblazers, Banham Academy (@Banhamacademy), continue to set the standard for the industry by being the first in the Fire and Security sector to have an approved apprenticeship scheme by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

The Academy’s success in gaining approved apprenticeship status for their Engineering competency based apprenticeship standard is a huge feat for both the Academy and the sector as a whole. This recognition reinforces the quality of the Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship content. The apprenticeship created by employers within the sector is being recognised as one that contains learning outcomes which do not just meet the needs of the employers but is now benchmarked against the requirements of the IET.

This approval will allow all apprentices through the Academy to apply for the Engineering Technician Registration, providing them with invaluable credentials for their careers and the vital letters ‘ENG Tech TMIET’ after their names. Furthermore, it provides employers with a competitive edge in the workforce by their employees officially being recognised and accredited by the IET as engineering technicians.

The IET approval process involves an assessment by trained and experienced engineers who consider a range of evidence including roles undertaken by apprentices, how the scheme supports the wider business and mentoring and support available to apprentices. The Banham Academy Apprenticeship Scheme has been praised for its high quality content it provides apprentices from employers in the security sector nation-wide.

Kevin Faulkner, Head of Banham Academy, said:

‘I am thrilled we are the first training provider in the security industry to be awarded with approval from the IET. Banham Academy have continued to raise the bar for excellence in the delivery of the FESS apprenticeship and stand alone as the trailblazer for recognising and delivering the highest standards in the fire and security systems sector. This incredibly important IET accreditation will mean our apprentices graduate with even more confidence and value as they embark on their careers as engineers.’

Dan Canty, IET Accreditation Manager, said:

‘The IET congratulates Banham Academy on being awarded approval status, which demonstrates that they maintain the highest standards of quality, content, technician support and assessment and continuously improve on those standards.’

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