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Becta launches global forum to unite policy makers across the world

A new global forum has been launched to unite policy makers on the critical value of technology in education across the globe.

The Learning and Technology World Forum, which will take place in London from 12 to 14 January 2009, aims to underline the importance of the effective application of technology in education, and the resulting benefits for individuals and commerce.

It will expand upon the previously held Moving Young Minds international ministerial seminar, and will be joined by more than 50 government ministers, as well as leading educational practitioners to exchange information and evaluate current developments to assist in the development of policy.

Stephen Crowne, chief executive of Becta, which will host the forum, said: “The Learning and Technology World Forum represents a much needed platform for debate among all those involved globally in key aspects of policy design and the application of technology within education.

“The UK Government has set out ambitious objectives for education and skills. Technology underpins all of these, and this global event will act as a catalyst to explore how collaboratively developing policy and strategy can deliver real and tangible benefits for Next Generation Learning, in the UK and worldwide.”

The forum, which is held in partnership with the British Equipment Suppliers Association and the British Council, is expected to attract over 500 participants from at least 60 countries. It will feature a series of keynote sessions, presentations, interactive workshops and site visits to schools, colleges, museums and art galleries across London.

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