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Britain’s teachers welcome international teaching methods

To mark World Teachers’ Day (5 Oct), a poll on Randstad UK’s website has found that 72% of the teaching community welcomes alternative teaching methods inspired by other countries, has compiled information on how countries around the world take different approaches to their education system – from Singapore to Finland.

With many of Britain’s teachers feeling the pressure, it’s no surprise that the education community is turning towards international teaching methods for inspiration.

At a time when 4 in every 5 classroom teachers have seriously considered leaving the profession, it’s important to think creatively in order to retain teaching talent – home or abroad.      

Victoria Short, Managing Director of Randstad Public Services, comments:

“Whether it’s to further bolster skills, to inject a new lease of life into the classroom or to prepare for an international role, teachers very much welcome fresh ways of working. It’s testament to a sector inspired by learning coupled with World Teachers’ Day.”  

Victoria Short adds; “Over the next ten years, the British international schools sector will require up to 230,000 more teachers** to meet staffing demands. As a nation, we worry about losing our teaching talent but the reality we need to be far more open-minded when it comes to international teaching techniques and supporting teachers who want to explore an international teaching role. The critical factor is retaining talent within the profession. We can attract top international talent to the UK to balance supply and demand and ensure there is not a negative impact on classrooms. Randstad Education has recently placed a number of Canadian teachers in UK schools and the teachers and pupils are really feeling the benefit of welcoming fresh international teaching techniques.”

Poll conducted on education pages of Randstad UK’s website in Sept/Oct 2018

Yes – 615 (72%)

No – 242 (28%)

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