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Building a Brighter Future

Second year HND Computing and Systems Development students from NPTC Group of Colleges were invited to attend ‘Building a Brighter Future in Tech’ technology event in Swansea run by the Codez Academy, the Welsh Government and Technocamps.

The event was hosted at the Marriott Hotel in Swansea with a focus on celebrating potential talent and showcasing careers available in the technology sector. The economy has seen a rise in demand for digital skills with almost 90% of new jobs requiring these key skills.

The event was an opportunity for the students to improve their skills, participate in workshops, listen to key speakers and network with businesses. The panel members shared their inspiration stories, with an insight into their journeys leading to where they are today.

The students were given social media tips, how to make your CV stand out, the good and the bad implications of an online footprint along with routes in employment.

Two of the HND students, Josh Southwell and Garin Rees won a competition held at the event winning an Arduino kit full of programmable electronics kit and a 12 week course in Website Development in Cardiff worth £1,000.

Josh added: “It was an insightful event with lots of opportunities to network with technology companies in Wales, I’ve come away from it with plenty of contacts I will keep in touch with for future internships or as potential employers.”

NPTC Group of Colleges continues its success within the school of Computing and IT (CIT) with an increased attainment rate from 95% to 98%.

Jeanette Adams, Senior Lecturer for Skills and Progressions in Computing and IT and HND Computing Coordinator for the College commented:

“These events are a great opportunity for students to network with local businesses and gain an understanding into how the digital landscape is evolving in the UK.”

Success for A level programmes within  CIT is still at an outstanding high with a 100% pass rate for ICT and 94% pass rate for Computer Science. The new A Level in Computer Science has already seen three students ranked in the top 20 A level results in the UK.

For the fifth year running we have had successful entries in the Wales/UK and World Skills competitions”.

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