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Cardiff and Vale College celebrates Black History Month

Cardiff and Vale College (@CAVC) is celebrating the cultural diversity of South Wales this October by supporting #BlackHistoryMonth 

Black History Month (BHM) recognises and highlights the cultural impact made by black people in the UK. BHM is a celebration of all those who make a difference not because of the colour of their skins, but because of their actions.

Held every October, Black History Month aims to promote awareness of black history and experience, circulate information about positive black contributions to British society and culture and heighten the confidence and awareness of black people in their cultural heritage.

Cardiff and Vale College is proud to serve the most diverse community in Wales. The College is committed to doing everything it can to engage with students, staff and the community to listen, learn and in turn educate and deliver change that makes a real impact on society and our region.

CAVC is supporting Black History Month online this year by helping to celebrate and promote the enormous contribution Black Britons have made to our vibrant and diverse society.

From sports stars and actors to politicians and musicians, throughout the month a series of CAVC social media posts will share images and information on role models. This will include high profile figures such as Doreen Lawrence, Idris Elba, Mo Farah and Shirley Bassey.

These posts will be designed to help staff, students and followers understand how our culture has been enriched and our society made stronger because of these people, and to encourage them to share the information with their friends and followings.

The learning will continue for students of CAVC through an internal campaign that will also share resources, involve activities, quizzes and opportunities to share their experiences.

Cardiff and Vale College Principal Kay Martin said: “At Cardiff and Vale College we are extremely proud to serve the most vibrant and diverse community in Wales and to represent all of the cultures in the CAVC Family. Black History Month provides an excellent opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate that diversity.

“This year it is especially important that we recognise and learn about the history of black people. The College is committed to combatting racism in education and across society, and listening to and learning about the experiences of others plays a key role.”

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