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Capital City College Group launch ‘visionnaires’ entrepreneurs’ programme

It seems that everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days.  And London is the dominant force in UK entrepreneurship, with over 216,000 new businesses registered in greater London in 2018 – that’s almost one-third of all new startups in the UK. 

Many prospective new business owners need help before and after they start their businesses – practical help with managing their cash flow, the legal pitfalls of running a business, and assistance with applying for affordable finance to get things going, but also help with turning their dream into a reality. 

So, Capital City College Group are launching ‘visionnaires’, to inspire more successful start-ups, being specialists in helping new businesses succeed.

Founder and CEO, Pablo Lloyd OBE, talks about visionnaires:

“The visionnaires programme starts by asking budding entrepreneurs a series of key questions about their idea, their commitment and what support they think they need, and then teams them up with a mentor who provides support and guidance. Mentors have a wealth of experience in supporting start-ups and some of them have shared their top tips below.”

Arit Eminue – “There are always tasks, related to your goals, you really don’t want to do. Set just two of these tasks to action every day, like brushing your teeth. Small daily action leads to big results.”

Colin Crooks – “Test the market before you start. Research the competition, talk to customers, find out who will really buy and why.”

Sharon Saxton – “Define a purpose, not just a product. Maybe help your customers stay healthy or protect the environment.”

Pablo Lloyd – “Questions are one of the best and cheapest tools. Ask everyone about your idea, product, price, then decide.”


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