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Celebrating Student Partnership at Borders College

Angela Cox (Principal & CEO) and Douglas Jardine (Student President) sign the 2018-19 Student Partnership Agreement

In October this year Borders College and the Borders College Students’ Association (BCSA) signed the 2018-19 Student Partnership Agreement. This agreement sets out the ways in which students can influence the life of the college, and outlines key projects which staff and students can work on together to improve the student experience.

As part of the Student Partnership Agreement the college and Students’ Association have agreed to work on three key areas to improve student life:
Student Representation

Together, the college and Students’ Association promise to support students to become involved in the class representative system. This is one of the main ways the college hears back from students and helps us make really important changes to the student experience.

Mental Health
It is no secret that mental health is a key issue in Scotland. In fact, it was reported by BBC Scotland that between 2013 and 2017, Scotland saw a 63% increase in the number of students asking for mental health support. In order to support Borders College students, the college and Students’ Association will develop their very first Student Mental Health Agreement, provide opportunities for staff and students to access mental health training, and build on the positive relationships we have made with local mental health organisations in the community.

Student Community
Part of ensuring students stay mentally well is creating a sense community at college. This year, we aim to develop a range of student clubs and activities, deliver fun student events and continue to work closely with our partners at Heriot-Watt.

Student President Douglas Jardine said:
“It’s brilliant that the college has committed to another Student Partnership Agreement with BCSA, we have worked together to identify the most important issues for students this year and this agreement commits us to bring about real changes, and improve the experience of everyone learning at Borders College.”

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