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Celebrating Tutorial Provision

There has been a lot of talk about a Tutoring Revolution of late and I have to admit when I saw the headlines I thought great, at last this neglected area of provision is getting the recognition it deserves. The reality I found was slightly disappointing as the focus of the tutoring activity, for the main part in schools, is firmly set on academic progress. Although I applaud and value academic support as a key to learner success, for Personal Tutors in the Further Education and Training Sector, supporting academic progress is only a part of what they do.

Pastoral support and personal development has become an increasing aspect of tutorial provision through both group tutorial and individual reviews, driven in part by Ofsted and the Education Inspection Framework. Our sector carries heavy responsibility for enabling our learners to develop their personal, social and employability skills as well as to achieve their primary learning goal in order to prepare them for success in life and work.

I am passionate about supporting Personal Tutors and managers of tutorial provision to excel, and have been leading my own quiet revolution to bring professionalism and recognition to the role. Having secured National Occupational Standards for Personal Tutoring we turned our attention to recognising the role of the Personl Tutor through the Outstanding Personal Tutor Award and the Professional Tutor Recognition Scheme. We have all worked with the secor to help reveiw and improve tutorial provision through the FETN Quality Standard Accreditation. 

If you would like to meet our members and learn more about the support we provide why not join us at our Annual Conference on Friday 19th November. You will receive a friendly welcome, have the opportunity to network with colleagues and sector experts, hear about the latest tutorial developments and share ideas in the pursuit of excellence. 

If you would like to join me in the quest for achieving greater support and recognition for tutorial provision please get in touch.

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