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College thanks community, as on-site learning returns

Newbury staff
 Students and staff at Newbury College (@newburycollege) and University Centre Newbury (@UCNewbury) have completed more than 1,000 ‘rapid’ COVID-19 tests as they return to on-site learning.
The College, which includes the recently launched University Centre Newbury, converted its large Sports Hall into a dedicated testing facility, with an army of staff and volunteers to guide and support those taking the tests.
The majority of students and staff have been working and learning from home, following the government-mandated ‘stay at home’ order that was put into place earlier this year. Those returning to the campus were tested at least 24 hours before returning to the classroom to ensure the high standards of safety the College has implemented continue to be maintained.
Director of Human Resources, Cathy Wright, said:
“I would like to thank all of the staff and volunteers who have made this project work so well. The complexity of preparing for a return to on-site learning has been almost overwhelming; however, through the hard work and dedication of our talented team, we are ensuring that every member of the College community has the appropriate support to return safely.”
Principal, Iain Wolloff, said:
“I have been extremely impressed by the positive attitude of our staff and students for their proactive response to this ever-changing situation. We are also very proud of our young people, who have shown a great deal of maturity in their response to some very difficult challenges and their willingness to support us in keeping them and others safe.”
Students and staff will now move on to home testing, to ensure that they can continue to work and learn in a safe environment. Both Newbury College and University Centre Newbury will also continue to offer a blended learning approach for the foreseeable future, combining online learning with COVID-secure, on-site practical sessions. 

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