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College Welcomes International Students

NPTC Group of Colleges has welcomed new students from across the globe who have taken up learning English as part of its ESOL provision this year.

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course is designed to help overcome the barriers of learning English and all students are working together with the common goal of improving their language skills, gaining accreditation and meeting new friends within the community.

A range of classes at various levels are available at the Brecon College, along with classes in Crickhowell at the Crickhowell Resource and Information Centre and Crickhowell Sports and Community Centre.

The mix of nationalities adds to a culturally rich backdrop for learners, as class discussions touch on traditions from around the world alongside those of Wales and Britain.

Students relocating to the UK from Thailand, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Poland, Sri Lanka, Spain and many more have all enrolled on the course.

The course has proved not only to provide the best setting for those settling into new surroundings to improve their language skills, but also build friendships.

Jacqui Griffiths, Foundation Studies and Adult and Community Learning Lecturer at Brecon College has seen bonds blossom over the last few months, and is delighted with the progress the course is making.

Jacqui commented: “The number of students that have joined the course this year has been amazing. There have been so many different nationalities as well, which has been a pleasant surprise.

“We can have eight nationalities in the room at once, but students are able to use what little English they have to work together and understand what we are learning better. There is a great deal of supporting each other within the classroom.  Friendship and other opportunities to socialise extend outside the classroom, whether it’s meeting for breakfast in Brecon on a weekend or sharing lifts and extending the hand of friendship. The additional advantages of Adult Learning continues outside of the classroom.

“We can have people joining us at different stages of the year so the abilities in the room vary, but the fact that they’re all willing to help each other is lovely to see.”

If you would like to find out more or join a class, please contact Jacqui Griffiths or Jo Howells on 08454086400.

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