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Computer Game Celebrities Visit College

Grantham College Press Release


Students at Grantham College will have an excuse to stay up all night playing the latest computer games this week, when the first annual LANFest event takes place!

Computing in the 21st century is now an art form, combining elements of design, multi-media and technology. It is what drives the enthusiastic and visionary IT teaching and support staff at the College, who represent the best new talent in IT and multi-media in the area. They have organised LANFest, an event where gamers from across the College can come together to play a chosen computer game all night – this time the platinum-selling ‘HALO’ will be the feature game – and a member of the games industry is invited in to talk to the students.

This year the invited gaming ‘celebrity’ is Alan O’Dea from Monumental Games, one the UK’s top companies in the field of MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game), which is the theme of the first event. In addition to discussing everything gamer high scores to University pathways, Alan will be taking the lucky students through ‘Football Superstars’, the latest eagerly anticipated game created by Monumental.

“We’re so honoured to receive Alan, and we’re hoping that this is the first in a series of projects that we work on with Monumental Games at Grantham College,” said lecturer Kelly Saxton, who has been instrumental in creating links with the industry. One of the Localisation Testers from Rockstar Games will also be attending LANFest, fresh from the success of the million-unit shifting ‘GTA IV’ – and students will be invited to compete against his gaming skills. The desire to learn, the will to win and a supply of strong coffee may be all that these students need to get through the night – the event runs until 8.00am the next morning!


For further information please contact Marketing Officer Amanda Sharp on 01476 400282.

Join us on June 21 from 9.30am until 1.00pm for our Open Day, everyone welcome.

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