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Connected mobility: Spinfi and ESCP Business School teamed up with Michelin to organize a hackathon aimed at developing the services of the future.


Connected mobility: Spinfi and ESCP Business School teamed up with Michelin to organize a hackathon aimed at developing the services of the future.
– A focus on prospective business models based on mobility data
– An opportunity for students to test out their big data and business analytics skills
– An initiative showcasing Michelin’s open innovation approach

Spinfi, a driving force in intrapreneurship, and ESCP Business School’s MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics, partnered with Michelin to organize a hackathon from March 15 to 19, 2021. The students were given three connected mobility subject areas to choose from:

– Developing the potential of the MICHELIN Track Connect mobile app, which offers digital coaching for racing enthusiasts to improve their performance.
– Expanding the reach of TruckFly, a community-based app to help truck drivers find the best points of interest out on the road.
– Using tire monitoring data and tire usage conditions to optimize productivity in mines.

The hackathon gave the students a chance to stretch their imaginations, working on complex data management subjects in the field of connected mobility. Their goal: to develop new business opportunities relating to the three existing services.

This meant using their skills in data analytics and cognitive computing*, as well as their knowledge of relevant technology, to help the organizations make major adaptations.

By making their data accessible to the ESCP students, Michelin allowed them to explore different types of data related to connected objects, social media, open data, etc. while tackling real-life problems. It was also an opportunity for Michelin to better understand how its customers behave and how they use connected solutions.

The panel of judges made up of ESCP professors, Michelin representatives, tech partners and Spinfi members, awarded a prize for each of the three subject areas.

Michelin is reaping a number of rewards from the event. On the one hand, the hackathon forms an integral part of the Group’s open innovation approach. Getting students to take part means giving them an opportunity to develop their skills as well as their employability, while also allowing the Group to scout out the most promising talent and potential. This challenge will also help Michelin to fast-track the development of new digital solutions, including integrated offerings that can be rapidly tested by new customers using demonstrators or prototypes. This work paves the way for the creation of a platform that will enable Michelin’s data to be linked with partners and the entire mobility ecosystem.

With one million vehicles already connected worldwide, the development of this platform is a further step for Michelin, which aims to become a “data-driven company” and a major player in more sustainable connected mobility.

Prize-winning teams:
TruckFly prize: Noelia Venet, Francisco Javier Leiton Jimenez, Liwa Aboumrad, Zoe Le MICHELIN Track Connect prize: Mouaad Benelhirche, Ugo Carotti, Edoardo Maschio, Edoardo Tarallo
Mining services prize: Luis Vasconcelos, Xavier Campagne, Tony Achkar, Anthony Dave ESCP academic prize: Simon Probst, Alexander Lund, Leonardo Nespolon, Nicolaus Norden

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