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Coveted “Academy of the Year” award goes to North Kent College

North Kent College have been selected to win the coveted award of “Lee Stafford Academy of the Year”. They were chosen for this award because of the all-round commitment and performance demonstrated over the last 12 months which included students taking trophies in 3 out of the 4 categories at the LSE annual competition, driving growth in apprenticeship numbers and full-time college numbers at both the Dartford and Gravesend Campuses and the commitment of college trainers to reach the highest standards in their delivery. 

Since becoming part of Lee Stafford Education, students have thrived in a variety of ways and have been given countless opportunities to improve their skills and allow them to gain the right knowledge, skills and experience to progress them into employment. 

Clare Upham-Sharpe Curriculum Manager Hairdressing said “I’m proud to say that the team are so passionate and dedicated in the commitment of ensuring that they deliver within a teaching and learning environment that motivates our learners to be the best possible hairdressers that they can be. We now have 3 master trainers as part of our Hair team.”

In a fabulous multiple awards ceremony, Lee presented students Rachel Boem and Kathryn Jenner with awards for the “Styling and a Mash up Recipe”. Lee said, “when we started Lee Stafford Education it was a simple vision. We just want the learners to be trained to as high a standard as the trainers. It’s just like I am here training you myself! Well done you should be very proud of your achievements.” 

Tutors Dawn Hursey and Karen Weir were also thrilled to be given a pair of gold-plated scissors and awarded “Master Trainers” and to top it off received a kiss from the great man himself for achieving all 22 recipes to a Big 10 standard.

Lee was not only present to celebrate with the award winners and to award North Kent College “Lee Stafford Academy of the Year 2019” but also to talk to learners and inspire them. Lee wanted to show his desire to implement his skills, techniques and advice to shape the future hairdressers at North Kent College.   

Learners said that they thoroughly enjoyed Lee’s visit and found it fascinating and educational, saying “Lee described the various opportunities available within the Hair industry and the benefits of becoming a specialist in either, styling, cutting or colouring. It’s wonderful to hear from the great man himself the paths our careers can take”.

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