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D-Tech launches touch-free sanitising technology to support education and workplace settings

touch-free sanitising technology

Technology provider D-Tech International Ltd (@Dtechdirect) has launched a touch-free sanitising solution for laptops, tablets and other portable devices.

D-Tech has championed the benefits of laptop loans in libraries, public spaces and workplaces through its computeIT automated device loan lockers for several years. The RFID technology developer has been seeking a satisfactory solution to the hygiene concerns of laptop sharing raised by COVID-19, and is delighted to announce the launch of its computeIT UV-C Sanitising Unit. The unit can be added to an existing computeIT locker or used as a standalone device cleaning system.

James Breakell, Managing Director of D-Tech International, believes the touch-free sanitising technology is a positive addition to the roadmap for returning to some form of normality in education and workplace settings. He says: “computeIT UV-C uses high-intensity UV-C light technology to remove 99.9% of bacteria, sanitising any device within 30 seconds. With just 6 seconds of exposure, UV-C light has been scientifically proven to remove, or inactivate, 99% of SARS-CoV-2 virus from its targeted surface.

“The unit is easy to use and the whole process is touch free. We encourage users to sanitise their hands whilst waiting for, and if necessary whilst using their device to ensure it remains Covid safe.

“At D-Tech we have been reviewing our product portfolio in an effort to assist the education and business sectors in adapting to the health and safety processes needed to move forward from this pandemic, and the launch of the UV-C sanitising technology comes hand in hand with our budget friendly computeIT LITE laptop loan locker. Smaller and more economical than its established sibling, the computeIT LITE is proving to be the perfect solution for anyone wanting to offer safe, secure device sharing facilities.” 

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