For end-point assessment organisations to record assessment grades for apprenticeship standards using our API


The Record a grade API lets end-point assessment organisations (EPAOs) record the outcome of assessments carried out and request certificates for both government funded and privately funded Standard apprenticeships. EPAOs can record both pass and fail outcomes.

You can use this API to:

  • record a grade and request a single certificate
  • record a grade and request a batch of certificates
  • check if a certificate exists
  • delete a certificate before it is submitted
  • request a list of valid certificate grades
  • request the list of options for a Standard

Getting started

Test your application in the sandbox

  • create an account on ESFA developer hub using an email address
  • subscribe to the Assessor service API (sandbox)
  • develop your application and test with the API on the developer sandbox
  • find sample program and usage scenarios for Assessor service on GitHub

Get ready to go live

  • sign in to the Apprentice assessment service and enable your API subscription key from the dashboard

  • use your subscription key to integrate your application with our API

Where to next?

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