You can sell cloud technology and digital specialist services to government on the Digital Marketplace.

The public sector uses the Digital Marketplace to buy digital services.

Services on the Digital Marketplace

Suppliers on the Digital Marketplace can either sell:

  • cloud-based services
  • digital specialists services

Cloud-based services are:

  • cloud hosting, for example content delivery networks or load balancing services
  • cloud software, for example accounting tools or customer service management software
  • cloud support, for example migration services or ongoing support

Digital specialist services are:

  • digital outcomes, for example a team to provide a booking system beta or an accessibility audit
  • digital specialists, for example an individual developer or user researcher to work on a specific project
  • user research studios
  • user research participants

How to sell your services

Each type of service (cloud software or digital specialists) is provided on a ‘framework’.

Each framework is only open for applications at certain times. This is to make sure all buyers and suppliers are doing business using the same terms and conditions.

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Cloud software services on the G-Cloud framework

Read the G-Cloud suppliers’ guide for information about the application process, including eligible services and when to apply.

Digital specialists services on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework

Read the Digital Outcomes and Specialists suppliers’ guide for information about the application process, including eligible services and when to apply.

Contact information

If you have any questions about the Digital Marketplace or the selling process, contact the Digital Marketplace support team.

Digital Marketplace support team[email protected]

Published 22 January 2016
Last updated 27 June 2019 + show all updates

  1. General information about the Digital Marketplace has been removed, for example how the service works. This page is specifically focussed on helping prospective suppliers understand what work services they could supply on the Digital Marketplace.
  2. The Digital Outcomes and Specialist 4 framework will open for applications on Monday 8 July 2019
  3. The application deadline for G-Cloud 11 applications has changed to 22 May at 5pm
  4. The G-Cloud 11 framework is now open for supplier applications. The application deadline is 5pm BST, 15 May 2019.
  5. Applications for the next G-Cloud framework will open on 25 March 2019.
  6. The Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 framework is closed for applications
  7. Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 is open for applications until 5pm BST, 22 August 2018.
  8. Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 opens for applications on 18 July
  9. G-Cloud 10 closed for applications
  10. G-Cloud 10 is open for applications
  11. Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 open for applications in July 2018
  12. G-Cloud 10 opening for applications in April 2018
  13. Revised framework opening dates
  14. Updated to show that G-Cloud 9 is closed for applications.
  15. The G-Cloud 9 framework is now open for applications.
  16. Updated with changes to categories in G-Cloud 9.
  17. Updated to show that applications for Digital Outcomes and Specialists have closed.
  18. G-Cloud 8 is open for supplier applications
  19. First published.