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This section summarises the occupations that have been added and removed from the Digital  occupational map as a result of the consultation and responds to additional comments that were submitted.

Breakdown of respondents

digital responses graph


Summary of responses

Respondents identified the following occupations as missing from this occupational map, having already been agreed for development:

  • Digital User Experience (Level 4)

Respondents proposed additional occupations for inclusion on the map, and after analysis, the following occupations have been added:

  • Web Development/ Web Design (Level 4/5)
  • Data Architect (Level 6/7)
  • Data Analyst/ Administrator (Level 3)

The following occupations were proposed for inclusion; however, Institute and route panel analysis concluded that they were likely to be covered by existing standards or standards under development:

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Business Administrator
  • Level Designer
  • Systems Designer
  • Motion Editor
  • Virtual Reality Software Developer
  • Interface Designer
  • 5G Mobile Technology Specialist (Level 4). (As 5G technology is not expected to be rolled out in the UK until 2020, it was not possible to determine the relevant associated occupations at this point).

The following occupations were proposed for inclusion, however Institute and route panel analysis concluded that there is insufficient evidence at this time for these to be considered as occupations for the development of apprenticeship standards:

  • Audio Engineer
  • Technical Artist
  • UX Artist, Level Editor
  • Data Privacy Specialist
  • 3D Artist

Respondents identified that Digital Marketer (Level 3), Digital Marketer (Level 6) and IT Technical Salesperson did not belong on this occupational map. The respective route panels agreed that both these should move to the Sales, Marketing and Procurement map.  The Digital route panel will continue to provide feedback on the digital content of this standard.  

Further comments

The main theme coming through was the need to keep refreshing the digital map to keep up to date with the fast pace of technological change.  The route panel is very aware of this issue, and will continue to ensure the occupational map is regularly updated.

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