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Entrepreneurship’s a piece of cake for Kasey

@BarnsleyCollege student, Kasey Suttle, has realised her true potential by turning her love of baking into a business venture. This was made possible by the support from iTrust, the College’s business start-up programme designed exclusively for students.

Level 3 Performing Arts student Kasey has always had a keen interest in baking, creating buns and cakes for family and friends since the age of 13. Whilst at secondary school, Kasey entered Barnsley’s Big Challenge, where she perfected her skills, grew in confidence and fell in love with baking even more. After reaching the final of Barnsley’s Big Challenge, and winning a further two baking awards, Kasey decided to launch her own business: Kasey’s Kakes.

Kasey began to experiment with ingredients and flavours whilst promoting her business on Facebook and has now been working on Kasey’s Kakes for three years.

Kasey attended a group tutorial class at College which showcased the support that iTrust can provide to budding entrepreneurs. With advice and guidance from the team, she began to gain more skills and knowledge about the world of business.

Barnsley College’s Enterprise department is home to the iTrust initiative, a joint venture between the College, The Barnsley Chronicle and The Business Village, which supports students interested in starting up a business in Barnsley. Students who choose to receive support from iTrust, will have access to an array of information and guidance such as mentoring from industry specialists and local businesses and financial investments.

As part of the programme, Kasey is due to receive a grant of up to £250 which she will put towards obtaining insurance, health and hygiene certificates and new equipment such as a stand-alone mixer.

Kasey said: “I always used to bake for my family, just for fun. When I was at school, I reached the final of a business enterprise challenge and this made me fall in love with baking even more, giving me the confidence to set up my very own business!

“My journey with the Enterprise department at College has been great and I have received so much help and guidance from them. They have helped me with my business massively, making me aware of various procedures and guidelines that ensure the safety of my customers at all times.”

Jess Widdowson, Enterprise Team Leader at Barnsley College, added:

“I’m looking forward to continuing to support Kasey as she has already had real success with her business. Her cakes are creative and are bespoke to the requirements of the customer. Kasey knows exactly where the business aims to go and, through iTrust, we are supporting with her certificates, licences and courses to take her skills to the next level.

“The Enterprise department is particularly committed to transforming the lives of students, staff and communities. We want all of our students to fulfil their full potential and achieve their aims, and through iTrust, we’re helping to develop the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.”


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