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ESFA 16 to 19 e-bulletin – Issue 172

ESFA 16 to 19 e-bulletin - Issue 172

ESFA e-bulletin for schools, colleges, local authorities and other 16 to 19 providers: 4 May 2017

1. Information: approved list of independent special schools and special post-16 institutions in England and Wales

The ESFA have published the latest approved list of independent special schools and colleges that parents and young people can express as a preference for when their Education Health Care Plan is being agreed. The ESFA refresh the list each term.

The application process is annual with the next application window opening on Friday, 5 May. You can find guidance and supporting information about the application process on GOV.UK.

Newly established special post-16 institutions and newly registered independent special schools can submit an application as an ‘exception’ outside of the Section 41 application process timeframe. Enquiries about this should be made to [email protected].

2. Information: local authority summaries of student numbers for 2017 to 2018

The ESFA are going to upload local authority summaries that show student numbers and high needs place numbers for all types of post-16 institutions in their area. The ESFA expect them to be available by Friday 5 May.

All files will be located in the EFA Information Exchange in the document exchange ‘revenue funding’ folder, under ‘AY 2017-18’.

To access Document Exchange log into EFA Information Exchange and choose the Document Exchange tab at the top of the page. For support and guidance about EFA Information Exchange, please visit their support page.

If you have any queries please contact us using their online enquiry form.

3. Information: Condition Improvement Fund appealsESFA

The ESFA have now published guidance for applicants wishing to appeal following the outcomes for the 2017 to 2018 CIF round.

The window for appeals will close at midday on Tuesday, 16 May.

Applicants are only able to submit an appeal if they can show that the ESFA have made a material error in assessing their application and this has resulted in their application not passing the threshold for successful projects. They should refer to the guidance and their feedback on the CIF portal before making an appeal.

The ESFA expect to announce outcomes of the appeals round in July.

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