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Flexible full-time MBA better prepares students for German job market

ESMT Berlin’s new flexible full-time MBA better prepares students for German job market

ESMT Berlin is updating its full-time MBA curriculum for the upcoming intake in January 2020. The new curriculum will give students more flexibility in their course choices and bring more practical projects into the classroom, preparing them for the concrete demands of the German labor market. In addition, the curriculum offers the opportunity to acquire additional qualifications such as German language or coding skills, which are especially relevant to tech companies doing business in Germany. The new program has been extended by two months, better facilitating the transition into the job market and better suited to recruitment patterns in Germany.

“More than 90 percent of our MBA graduates come from abroad, and almost 90 percent of those stay in Germany after their studies,” says Nick Barniville, Associate Dean of Degree Programs at ESMT Berlin.

“However, German companies, especially German Mittelstand, tick quite differently than companies in the USA or Britain, countries in which the MBA has a longer tradition. Recruiters here don’t just want to hire someone with the potential to be a great leader, but are looking for candidates who also have specific, highly practical skills. That’s what this MBA is designed for.”

The updated MBA curriculum has a specific focus not just on developing leaders, but also on developing specific technical skills such as data analytics and coding, a combination that is sought after in Germany.

In addition, it offers a high degree of individualization: After completing the core modules, students can choose between three areas of specialization in the second half of the year: Managerial Analytics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or Strategic Leadership.

The curriculum also comprises an optional pre- and post-MBA program in which students can take an intensive language course, do an internship, or participate in a coding boot camp. Within this period, they can also choose to do a six-month Responsible Leadership Fellowship in a developing country or set up their own business at a start-up incubator.

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