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The NASUWT (@NASUWT) – The Teachers’ Union condemns the UK government’s continued public sector pay restraint policy and its refusal to address public sector pension deficiencies.

Public sector workers in the UK have suffered a decade of real-term pay cuts whilst forced to pay more and work longer before they can retire. 

Today the Union will be supporting campaigning by the TUC to secure pay restoration for teachers and other public sector workers. 

The NASUWT will demand public sector pension schemes are rectified to finally allow more workers access to their pensions without punitive reductions. 

NASUWT General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach said:

“Over the last decade, the government’s public sector pay and pensions policies have inflicted real-terms pay cuts on public sector workers. 

“Teachers have seen the value of their pay and pensions cut whilst their workloads and the cost of living have continued to surge. 

“Successive real-term pay cuts were insulting before the pandemic, but given how much teachers and other keyworkers have sacrificed to keep the country going, it is outrageous that low pay is how the government intends to reward the profession. 

“Teachers anger over how they have been treated by the Government is at risk of boiling over. It is time the Government listened and accepted that securing children’s education recovery cannot be done on the cheap.” 

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