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FE Associates Supports Pride Month

pride flag

June is the official month for Pride. At FE Associates (@FEInsights), we understand that creating an inclusive, equal, diverse, and fair workplace for everyone to thrive is an all-year-round activity.

As one of the FE and skills sector’s leading providers of executive search and recruitment practices, we are committed to actively working to improve the diversity of senior leadership teams and boards. We believe that there is a pressing need for senior leadership teams to be more reflective of the communities and student bodies they serve.

We partner with further education and skills organisations to develop our search strategies and recruitment campaigns to attract the broadest possible range of candidates and provide additional support for under-represented groups to give them the best possible chance of success.

Outside of this, we understand that there is much work to be done to combat and overcome the challenges that LGBQT+ communities in the UK and worldwide face daily. That is why we have donated to Bristol Pride Without Borders, a Bristol-based charity that supports LGBTQ+ people seeking asylum and those with refugee status.

We are committed to taking positive action to progress diversity and inclusivity through all our business activities and remain optimistic that we can all build an equitable and inclusive future for all through ongoing dialogue and action.

If you wish to donate to this fantastic charity, simply click here.

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