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FE Collective Reflective: LIVE

FE Collective Reflective

Today, 23rd November 2023, we held a livestream to reflect on and discuss the FE Collective and the report that was created on the outcomes.

Joined by David Gallagher (CEO of NCFE), Victoria Flint (Education and Training Foundation), Jill Whittaker (HIT Training) and Chris Cherry (Red Cherry Projects), we had the opportunity to reflect and gather opinions on those involved in the big day!

David Gallagher opened up the FE Collective alongside our CEO Gavin O’Meara, Victoria Flint attended the day, Jill Whittaker was a scene-setter for the Investing in the Sector of the Future session, and Chris Cherry was one of our moderators for the discussion groups!

Each member of the stream played a different but vital role in the FE Collective, and therefore a major role in the report too!

Watch below to find out more:

Read and download the FE Collective report here.


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