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Fledglink app launches digital online learning service for lost Gen Z

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@FledglinkApp – In response to both the current COVID-19 pandemic and their findings from a new survey of Generation-Z which found that half of the respondents were confused and concerned about their futures, Fledglink – a Gen-Z careers mobile app – have just launched an engaging timetable of free online early-careers development sessions to aide young people in navigating their next employment steps at this worrying time.

With the advent of school closures, cancellations of careers events and a rapidly evolving recruitment landscape, Fledglink have rapidly responded by developing a timetable of online learning sessions, providing an accessible way for educational services to engage Gen-Z in early careers development in the current socially-distanced environment.

Founder and CEO of Fledglink, Ellie Yell commented: 

 “In an unprecedented time when uncertainty about the future is being exacerbated for our young people, it is vital that we do all we can to provide meaningful and accessible content to not only ease the anxieties that COVID-19 is causing Gen-Z, but to also help in building a positive and connected post-coronavirus future for this generation”. 

The announcement of an extended lockdown by the Government on 16th April, has coincided with Fledglink’s release of the results of their extensive survey of 1,131 young people in 2020.  The survey’s top findings include that 49% reported feeling confused and lost about their future; while 31% prioritised finding the right job and choosing the right career path as the main issue they needed to seek advice on. Parents are still seen as the biggest influencers when it comes to guidance, with 52% of respondents saying that they would still go to their parents first for advice about what to do in the future. The uncertain effects that the current pandemic will have on the future of employment for young people mean it is now more important than ever that appropriate careers advice is made accessible for all to avoid potential further division in attainment and social class. 

“As a mother, running Fledglink and juggling home-learning of primary age kids is a huge responsibility” Ellie goes on to say.

“But at the other end of the educational journey, parents have an even bigger task to support their children- who may have been expecting to sit exams in a few weeks- to still help them focus on their futures and explore their options. Our survey further highlights the pivotal role young people see their parents playing in that decision making and yet what help is there for parents to understand what the world is going to look like in 5, 10 or 15 years? We’ve created this timetable not just for young people and educational institutions, but to take the pressure off parents as well”.   

Fledglink’s live and on-demand timetable of virtual events provides young people with the opportunity to access early careers information made specifically for them. The timetabled days provide a personalisable structure that young people can jump in and out of when best suits them. With all the sessions geared towards navigating different aspects of early careers in a fun and engaging way, there are plenty of opportunities for young people to connect, upskill and build confidence in their futures.  

The variety of different types of content ensure that all young people have the chance to engage in a way that suits them. Students have access to 1-to-1 coaching, clinics, recorded and live workshops and wellbeing sessions. They will also have the opportunity to interact with recruiters and employers, learn about career paths from inspirational characters, develop new skills to help them in the world of work and improve their overall employability.  

This week’s timetable is accessible from the Fledglink website. To keep up with daily updates and live events, the Fledglink Instagram account (@fledglinkapp) and other social media channels will be promoting and hosting many of the live sessions. For free access to all of Fledglink’s digital resources, young people can download and sign up to the mobile app too.  

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All of the online training course content is free for young people to access. The Fledglink app is also completely free to use

The app does this in a number of ways:

  • Build their first online professional presence and digital C.V. 
  • Personalise their careers advice
  • Discover more about themselves through integrated personality quizzes and strengths profiles
  • A jobs board solely focused on entry-level positions, apprenticeships, internships and work experience opportunities
  • Fledglink also run workshops for young people and educators focused on self-development and work readiness skills.

About the survey:

When: Survey closed Friday 3rd April

Nos: 1131 fully completed surveys

Where: Online typeform survey

Who: Our existing community and careers leaders encouraging completion

Average age: 15

Fledglink’s mission is to be the most helpful and supportive platform for young people as they journey through the final years of education and into work. Their free mobile app has been providing young people with free access to personalised career guidance, resources and opportunities online since 2018.


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