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The flexi-job apprenticeship offer: How to make apprenticeships work in your sector

£7 million funding for Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Programmes

£7 million funding for Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Programmes

Today (3 Aug) @EducationGovUK are launching their new flexi-apprenticeships.

This is an important part of our wider changes to apprenticeships, making them more flexible in response to the changing world of work.

Flexi-job apprenticeships will help employers overcome structural barriers to making greater use of apprenticeships. They will support businesses in all sectors to make a sustainable investment in the skills they need to grow, and build a diverse talent pipeline for the future.

In sectors where flexible or project-based working are the norm, new flexi-job apprenticeship agencies will bridge the gap to help employers realise the benefits of apprenticeships for their business.

We are inviting sector bodies, groups of employers and other interested organisations to register as Flexi-job apprenticeship agencies, giving them access to the £7m fund to support new agencies with their start-up costs.

Prospective agencies need to be able to demonstrate that they understand the skills needs of their sector or region, can work towards financial sustainability in the coming years.

Full details on the types of organisations eligible to register as Agencies can be found in the register application guidance document below.

Our response to the consultation

You can read our response to the consultation. This sets out how we will take forward the development of our new flexi-job apprenticeship offer in light of the responses we received from employers, training providers, sector bodies and others.

How to apply

Applications to the register, and for grant funding, will open shortly via the Department for Education eTendering Portal.

You will need to be successful in your application to the register before you can apply for support from the £7m grant, but you can apply for both at the same time.

The register application guidance and grant specification give further details on what you need to submit.

Register of flexi-job apprenticeship agencies

Register of flexi-job apprenticeship agencies: guidance for applicants

PDF, 356KB, 37 pages

Register of flexi-job apprenticeship agencies: conditions of registration

PDF, 96.7KB, 2 pages

Grant application specification and guidance

Flexi-job apprenticeship fund: grant application specification and guidance

PDF, 365KB, 29 pages

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