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Freshers Festival Group are revolutionising university open days for the digital age. Introducing: Futures Fest 2021 – A Virtual Student Event.

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@FreshersFest are revolutionising university open days for the digital age. Introducing: Futures Fest 2021 – A Virtual Student Event 

2020 was an extremely difficult time for all students, and 2021 is not showing signs of becoming any easier. Thinking about what the future holds is a struggle for most young people, especially when it comes to choosing a degree or further education course.

To combat this, Freshers Festival have decided to launch Futures Fest 2021 in May, a virtual event dedicated to helping school, college, and university students decide their futures. Whether students are looking for a university course (undergrad and postgrad), advice with their accommodation, student finance tips, or even help with finding a job, there will be something for everyone at Futures Fest. 

However, this won’t just be an ordinary open day. After speaking to thousands of students, Freshers Festival Group realised that students are often not given the information they actually want when they attend such events. Futures Fest will give students a taste of university life from the current students themselves, with tips, tricks, and insider knowledge that they cannot get anywhere else.

The content at Futures Fest will include: 

  • ‘LIve chat with a current student’ opportunities
  • TikToks & videos from student influencers
  • A rather ‘different’ form of university rankings
  • Videos & interviews with current students
  • Deals & videos with accommodation providers
  • Virtual games, quizzes, and competitions
  • Student finance advice
  • Careers opportunities & CV tips
  • So much more

Freshers Festival Group have 15 years experience in running some of the UK’s largest student events. Recently they have branched into the virtual event space, running a series of successful online events to both help students with their mental health, and give social opportunities to those students stuck in lockdown. After the first-ever Virtual Freshers Festival last September, which combined with social media campaigns reached over 1 million young people across the UK, the CMO of Freshers Festival group hopes for a similar result:

Mehram Sumray-Roots, CMO of Freshers Festival Group:

 “At Freshers Festival Group our aim is to create experiences which encourage students to connect with each other as well as the brands and organisations they need to make their time in education fun, positive, healthy and successful. With so many students feeling confused about what the future may hold, this event has never been more important. We want students to understand that they are not alone when making key decisions and that we are here to deliver the best information we can to tackle the various challenges being a young person today brings.”


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