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Functional Skills are changing, and NCFE is ahead of the game

At NCFE we’re passionate about the importance of Functional Skills being widely recognised and appreciated as high quality, robust qualifications and we are continually working to improve our offer for both learners and centres delivering our qualifications. We welcome the ongoing Functional Skills Reform and are doing all we can as an active member of the Functional Skills Working Group to ensure that learners are at the core of any changes made.

NCFE Functional Skills come with a fantastic range of resources to support learner achievement rates. With free access to ForSkills Initial Assessment and Diagnostic Tools for every learner, and a guarantee that we’ll release results in 6 working days, we’re confident that NCFE is the number one choice for Functional Skills.

Looking to the (very near) future, we’re continuing to improve our English and maths resources and will be introducing interactive, editable and customisable resources to allow for differentiated learning. We also have a new resources platform, Study Hut, which gives you a short-hand, quick and easy way to access online resources that have been moderated, categorised and summarised by us.

We have exciting plans for Functional Skills feedback for online assessments and we’ll soon be offering free, automated, individual, electronic feedback for all learners sitting a Functional Skills assessment online. The feedback will map directly to the Functional Skills standards, giving you and your learners a chance to look at performance in different areas, and a basis for preparing for future resits.

With all of the new developments both in the sector and in our offer, we’re really looking forward to what the future will bring for Functional Skills. Our core commitment is that our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we can assure them that we’ll be with them every step of the way.

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