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Futures to deliver Multiply initiative across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Multiply is a new government initiative created to help individuals understand and use maths in their daily life, home and work.  

It offers free, easy access to numeracy courses that are designed to improve basic maths skills and increase confidence with numbers, up to and including a Level 2 or equivalent qualification.  

Courses are set to be delivered through employers, parent groups or community organisations, and can be made bespoke for each group. Duration, location, and even the course content can be customised to the needs of the group or employer.    

Whether people are looking for support with managing their bills, budgeting their income, helping their children with homework or increasing their chances of progression at work, accessing a Multiply course is a great first step.   

We’ve already seen some great successes through Multiply thanks to our delivery at Stonebridge City Farm in Nottingham. 

“Futures are currently working with a number of our volunteers and it’s helping specifically with numeracy skills. They’re working with our people in a way which is really good because the programme has been adapted to suit our people’s needs. They’re being taught to use things like cash tills and learning how to count change for the people who work in the shop or the cafe. It’s been a fabulous success.” 

Peter Armitage – CEO of Stonebridge City Farm

During a time where cost of living is increasing, improved maths skills can have a significant positive impact.  

Alistair Catterall, Business Improvement Manager at Futures, said: “Multiply is really fantastic as a stepping-stone for people who might feel that learning, skills development and qualifications are out of reach. It proves to them that it is attainable and achievable. Sometimes a longer course or qualification can feel quite daunting, but Multiply is fully tailored to the individuals – it really gives us an opportunity to work with businesses, community groups and parents in a way that’s right for them.”   

If you’d like to learn more about Multiply and how it could benefit your business or community, get in touch with us today

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