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Get Geared Up With the Latest Tech for Students

Once a luxury on college campuses, technology has now become a necessity for students in the UK. Covid-19 forced most colleges to go virtual, but many schools have begun to see the potential of online learning. With classes, textbooks, and everything in between going digital, students need to have the latest tech.

Smart Pencils Help With Note Taking

Everyone learns differently. While many students like the convenience of keeping their notes on a laptop or tablet, many students feel like they retain information better if they write it instead of typing it. Smart pencils give students the best of both worlds.  

Smart pencils can let students take notes on a tablet, which can later be viewed on a phone or laptop. They can colour code their notes and even turn their writing into text. Smart pencils let them make quick colour and style changes on the go. Students can also annotate textbooks and create graphic artwork.

Helpful Tech Gifts for Students

For those looking to purchase a tech gift for a student, there are plenty of options. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones can be a useful gift for students living in a noisy dorm and needing some quiet for studying. A charging station is also a good gift that allows them to save space and keep all of their tech fully charged.

A laptop desk is another great gift for students. It allows them to use their laptop from the comfort of their beds, which can be helpful for students who are on their laptops for hours every day. For students who commute often, a cord organizer can help them keep everything separated.  

Some students stay up late hours studying. For long nights and many cups of coffee, they can use a smart coffee mug. These mugs allow them to set their ideal temperature and keep their coffee hot for hours.

Tech Backpacks

Laptop backpacks are a must for the student on the go. These bags keep their laptops, tablets, and other tech safe, even when they’re rough on the bag. Most have many compartments to keep all of their tech and supplies organized and easy to access. 

Some tech backpacks are even more advanced. Some are equipped with solar panels so students can charge their tech en route to their next class or while having a quick lunch. These bags give students extra time so they aren’t tethered to an outlet.


Since it seems that many schools are transitioning to at least some amount of virtual learning, a webcam is a must. Many computers come equipped with a standard webcam, but the quality isn’t great. If students are going to spend any amount of time in an online class, they need a high-quality webcam to ensure they look their best.

Study Smart

Students need a lot of tech and accessories to get by at college. As technology advances, the nature of education is changing as well. Colleges are doing their best to stay abreast of these advances, so students have to stay current as well. The latest tech and the ones to come will allow students to be successful in their studies. 

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