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GitHub launches new digital campus for 1.7M+ student dev community

The GitHub (@github) Education Team would like to welcome the student community to GitHub Global Campus ! Global Campus is the new home for all of our current and future student programs and allows us to better serve our growing community of 1.7+ million students. You can use the Global Campus portal to connect with the community, find access to industry tools, learn about new events, and see your assigned coursework—all in one place!

GIF showing view of Global Campus portal upon login

What can students do on Global Campus?

Global Campus allows students to more easily take advantage of GitHub Education offerings. Its provides students with the ability to:

  • Connect with a local Campus Expert. Leverage the collective knowledge of the GitHub student community so you can develop the skills needed for future careers in tech.
  • Explore and claim offers for free industry tools in the Student Developer Pack. This now includes 100+ offers—everything from free credits to waived fees.
  • Attend events curated by our Campus Experts and students who broadcast on Campus TV, our Education Twitch channel. Discover in-person and virtual events ranging from local hackathons to online tech talks covering everything from DevRel and cybersecurity to sharpening skill sets for post-graduation.
  • Review teacher-assigned due dates for GitHub Classroom assignments. You can also leverage the VSCode Classroom extension to complete assignments, as well as collaborate with peers and teachers to get unblocked.
  • Rewatch recent Campus TV episodes. Created by GitHub and student community leaders, which can be watched live for community chat and involvement or video-on-demand (VOD) for total schedule flexibility.

Come and connect, learn, and grow with the GitHub Education student community on Global Campus!

Why did we create a digital campus for students?

Finding resources for students to grow in their technical career is not easy. Students are faced with the rigors of their academic learning while also searching for practical industry knowledge that is applicable to their career goals. Unfortunately, resources are scattered about, and it’s hard to grow alone in any technical career. Global Campus introduces students to a community across the globe who are interested in pursuing a career in tech and provides them with access to a variety of industry tools and resources at no cost!

How can I become a registered Global Campus student?

If you’re a student, you can register for Global Campus by applying for the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Once accepted, you will be officially registered as a Global Campus student. You can then access Global Campus anytime at

This is just the beginning! Global Campus will continue to grow and become a place to learn and meet other students around the globe and in your local community. Come grow with GitHub on Global Campus!

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