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Grantham College helps pupils ‘Escape School’!

As the business of education becomes increasingly competitive with Sixth Forms and Colleges vying to attract the same school leavers, Grantham College has launched a novel way of fighting back – and getting clear information to those that matter most – the students.

In Grantham, a town of approximately 35,000 people (of which one third are aged over 55), there are already two sixth forms (based at the male and female grammar schools) and a third one is planned at the local all girls specialist Performing Arts school, due to open in September 2009. These sixth forms are in addition to the provision being offered by Grantham College, a Further Education College offering a variety of academic and vocational courses, now in its seventh decade.

This increased competition for a comparatively small number of school leavers has lead Grantham College’s Marketing team to fight back – and create a dedicated website with information for both parents and potential students, to allow them to make the right choice for their future. By working closely with existing students the team were able to create a jargon-free website,, which features ground-breaking features for the College including the first podcast that the team have created.

"By using a medium that students are used to using, we are working at their level and making it more accessible to them," said Wendy Rockley, Head of Marketing.

"Escape School might be a light hearted irreverent slogan and the information is written in a friendly style, but behind that there is a serious message. Grantham College has excellent facilities, a proven track record in both academic and vocational qualifications, lecturers with professional industry expertise and good links with universities – we can offer the whole package. The schools in Grantham have yet to convince parents about their delivery of vocational qualifications to 16 year olds." was officially launched on 2 March 2009 and has been promoted using a sticker campaign, changing room panels in New Look and Dorothy Perkins and adverts in the local press and cinema.

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