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iSpring Releases a Free Authoring Tool for Creating eLearning Courses and Tests. 

iSpring Solutions, a leading vendor of eLearning tools and systems, announces a revolutionary update to its eLearning authoring tool, iSpring Free.

The tool helps educators launch eLearning at zero cost since it’s absolutely free and offers the essential options to create quality digital courses and assessments.

iSpring Free is a PowerPoint add-in which converts PPT files to eLearning content (as SCORM 2004 or 1.2) and upload it to a learning management system for easy sharing and tracking.

Since 2008, iSpring Free has been popular with thousands of course creators, and on its eleventh anniversary, the tool introduces two brand new features:

  • HTML5 courses for all devices. Interactive eLearning content created with iSpring Free plays perfectly on all devices: smartphones, tablets, and desktops, and adapts to any screen.
  • Tests and surveys. With iSpring Free, educators can enhance a course with a quiz or create a standalone test. There are three question types: Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Short Answer. These core question formats let quiz creators assess learners on almost any topic. To make quiz questions more relevant and engaging, one can boost slides with pictures, audio, and video. Another advantage of iSpring Free is the robust Equation Editor which allows users to add equations and formulas to quiz questions.

“Authoring software is the main eLearning tool, and can be rather expensive. iSpring Free helps educators all around the globe to teach and train online without spending a fortune on eLearning software. And we’re proud to do our small part in the crucial and impactful work they do,” says Tonya Smolentseva, VP of Quality Assurance at iSpring.

Despite being a basic tool, iSpring Free enables users to create high-quality professional courses on a level with some paid software. iSpring Free uses the same PowerPoint-to-HTML5 conversion engine as the iSpring pro authoring tool, a recipient of multiple industry awards, including Brandon Hall Gold awards for excellence in technology.

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The engine ensures unrivaled accuracy of conversion, and all PowerPoint animations, triggers, and transition effects play exactly as intended in the HTML5 version of your content. Courses and tests created with iSpring Free adapt to any screen and precisely report actions and progress to an LMS.

iSpring Free doesn’t have the limitations which are typical for freeware. The application doesn’t limit authors on the number of slides or number of produced files, and it doesn’t add banners or watermarks which contaminate the content. The only addition is a small iSpring logo in the player interface.

To create more advanced eLearning content with interactive elements, video narration, conversation simulations, branching, and more, authors can use iSpring Suite, a robust course authoring toolkit.

iSpring Free is absolutely free for personal use

Authors can create online presentations for their personal or family use, and educational materials (courses, assessments) on the condition that they are distributed free of charge.

Content created with iSpring Free can’t be sold or used for commercial, advertising, marketing, or promotional purposes. School, college, and university students can use iSpring Free for their learning activities: creating presentations, projects, quizzes, etc. 

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