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How To Design Your Home Office For Productivity


Working from home can be as much of a blessing as it could be a curse. You have the opportunity to make money from the comfort of your own home. Yet, it takes a couple of days to completely lose your motivation and start wasting time on insignificant tasks.

To avoid wasting your days you can leverage interior design. From the colours you want your room to be painted in, to the way you organise it – your home office should supplement your workflow and continuously help you.

How to Make a Productive Home Office Space

A home office can be the perfect space for you to work. If you are starting your own company, a home office can save you a couple of hundred bucks a month on renting an office space.

Or having a dedicated workspace in your home can help you tick off tasks from work later at home. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to design your home office as productivity-focused as possible.

Use Colors That Stimulate Productivity

If you can work from home, then most likely you use your brain heavily during the work process. Either if you have to come up with new writing ideas for work, or you need to make the next illustration, colours can help you with that.

There are numerous shades that affect and stimulate the brain. You can even paint your room in two different colours and reap the effects of both.

It’sscientifically proven that red is a great colour for increasing your productivity. And if you need to be inspired, then yellow should be your choice. Greens will help you with the balance of your feelings, so if you have to take important decisions at work, then consider using green somewhere. And If you have a mundane job then you should go for blue as this colour stimulates the brain when doing boring and repetitive tasks.

Painting your room in such vivid colours can irritate your eyes when you spend long periods of time in it, so you can feel free to use their pastel counterparts. They will have the same effect on your mind, and it will look much better,

If you don’t want to re-paint your entire room, then you can use these colours in decorations throughout your home office.

Add Plants To Make Yourself Happier

Your office is your home for eight hours a day, sometimes even more! It’s important to make it as comfortable as possible.

Well, it turns out you can.Scientists say that household plants in the office are a great way to increase the level of happiness in offices. Although you are working from home, adding some greenery to your workspace can help with fighting anxiety during busy days and help keep a little smile on your face. 🙂

Good Cable Management

Are you working on a computer? Then most likely, you have a ball of cables stashed somewhere you can’t see it.

Well, spaghetti-like cables always find their way to stick out. That’s why cable management can help you with keeping things neat and tucked in the background.

A really cool trick you can use to keep your cables organised is by using flexible cable tubes. You can get them from any local hardware store for cheap.

Untangle those bad boys, sort them out and slip on the tube. Voila, you’re a cable management master.

Keep Things Neat

Cables aren’t the only thing that will make your home office look cluttered. It’s important to keep your office in good condition.

If you find yourself flooded by files and folders, then invest in some storage space. IKEA sells some amazing looking storage containers, and you can always pay a visit to a local garage sale. You never know what find awaits you there.

Leverage Technology

If by now you aren’t using a home assistant in your home, then you are missing out. By using smart light switches, smart LED bulbs, and anything else with the “smart” label, you can save yourself a lot of time.

Home assistants can schedule tasks and meetings in your calendar by you just telling them. They can play music to up your mood and help you with your research or writing content. (They can also control the smart lights in your homes.)

Having a good workspace in your home can be the difference between working a job you love and having one that makes you wish Friday to come faster. With the low cost of the above-mentioned tweaks, you can make your office the best one for you!

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