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How to make lockdown learning a success with @OneFileUK

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Due to the current lockdown in place, apprenticeships are now being delivered 100% remotely. This has been a huge challenge for thousands of providers who have had to adapt their entire delivery method overnight.

However, some of our lovely OneFile customers have risen to the challenge! Using OneFile, they’re delivering successful apprenticeships in lockdown – creating plans, setting tasks, safeguarding apprentices and even supporting learners through gateway and EPA.

We have had over 25 learners go through gateway and complete end-point assessment through this lockdown period so far. With OneFile, anything is possible.”

Lisa Parish, Head of Quality Improvement, West Suffolk College

To find out how they’re doing it, we’ve asked several providers to share their top tips:

Stick to your normal routine

Many providers have reported that maintaining some kind of ‘normality’ has really helped keep their learners on track and engaged. They’ve used OneFile to plan work, set assignments, provide feedback and schedule reviews just as they would have done before. They’ve worked closely with learners to set goals and explain how tasks contribute to their final grades – which helps keep learners engaged.

Since lockdown started, we’ve inducted learners, completed initial assessments, delivered training and completed reviews remotely. With OneFile, we can support learners no matter what.”

Sue Bright, Operations Manager, Exeter College

Create meaningful online content

With OneFile, providers can create and assign content to learners for them to complete wherever they are. Understandably, many providers have said that they’ve increased the amount of learning content they’re creating and sharing to help keep momentum for learners. They are also creating quizzes in OneFile to underpin knowledge and prepare apprentices for EPA.

The courses feature is a great tool for checking learners’ knowledge, filling gaps and starting the preparation for their EPA. We’ve actually had a 100% EPA achievement rate since lockdown started.

Lisa Whiteoak, Director, TrainingStation

Complete reviews remotely

Reviews are a really important part of the apprenticeship journey, so completing them as normal during lockdown is vital. The providers we’ve spoken to said they’ve actually been able to increase their review schedule as it’s more efficient and effective to complete them remotely using OneFile. They’ve used reviews to track progress, provide feedback, and just have a catch up – helping learners feel supported and motivated with their learning.

My learners are actually 37% more engaged since we transitioned to home learning thanks to OneFile!

Tracey Wood, Head of Business Development, Hopwood Hall College

Keep everyone informed

Many providers we spoke to have relied on OneFile’s announcement feature to keep people informed of the ever-changing situation. It’s a great way to communicate organisational updates or top tips for looking after your mental health.

We’ve used the announcements feature to communicate with our entire student and staff population. We started with a motivational message from our vice principal and are now sending out weekly wellbeing advice to all learners.”

Lisa Parish, Head of Quality Improvement, West Suffolk College

Concentrate on progress

Many providers we spoke to said that progress reviews have been really important for them – not just to track progression, but to monitor the mental health and welfare of their learners. With OneFile, learners can see their progress percentages increase as they complete work, which motivates them and helps them take control of their apprenticeship. During pre-planned progress reviews, tutors can then use OneFile’s gap analysis tool to identify any gaps in learning, offer support and produce individual learning plans to help the learner progress.

Progress reviews provide the opportunity for us to set new goals and targets which help keep the learners engaged whilst remote working. We also make sure learners are safe and happy in their new home-working environment.”

Tracey Wood, Head of Business Development, Hopwood Hall College

OneFile is helping hundreds of providers maintain as normal delivery as possible in these abnormal times. To find out exactly how OneFile works and how it can help you deliver apprenticeships 100% remotely, download your complete guide to remote learning.


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