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Huawei Technologies Senior Advisor Speaks on Employee Empowerment and Successful Management Systems

The University of Edinburgh, one of the world’s oldest and most recognised universities, will host a guest lecture by Tian Tao, senior advisor to Huawei Technologies, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment provider on Thursday, 11th October.

The lecture, entitled “Talent: The Foundation of Huawei’s Growth”, will look at the transitional nature of international business, specifically the shift from capital shortage towards capital surplus and the increasing importance of knowledge workers as foundations of the global economy. He will also discuss the relationships between employees, customers and shareholders in company success and the need for a change in the dynamic to ensure future growth.

Tian Tao is an advisor of the Huawei International Advisory Council (Huawei IAC) and Co-Director of the Ruihua Innovative Management Research Institute at Zhejiang University. As a senior advisor of the Huawei IAC, Mr. Tian published Huawei: Leadership, Culture, and Connectivity, an in-depth analysis of the operation and management philosophies behind Huawei’s rapid growth. This book has been translated into multiple languages and has become a vital reference for businesspeople inside and outside of China. Tian Tao has also served as an advisor or a board director for multiple businesses in both China and abroad.


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