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Another Large Increase In Full Time and Part Time Online Job Postings As Economy Continues Recovery

The latest jobs indicator released today (14 Jul) by Internet Association (@InternetAssn) shows a 250 per cent increase in the number of full time job postings online as the UK prepares to release itself from restrictions fully next week and the economy continues to recover at pace.

The new data shows that over 400,000 full-time jobs were posted online in June 2021 – an enormous 256 percent increase on June 2020. That figure also represents an 18 percent increase since May 2021, following a 19 percent rise since April 2021 – pointing to a rapidly accelerating growth in the full-time jobs market. There is also encouraging news for part-time work revealed by the new data. 

Key findings from IA’s ‘Industry Indicators: Jobs (3i Jobs) Q2 2021 Report ’ include:

  • The number of full time jobs being posted online are at their highest for over a year. And despite the sharp fall during the height of the pandemic, the number of postings online in June 2021 is 256 percent higher than June 2020. 
  • The part-time job market is also recovering at a greater pace than in previous quarters. June 2021 saw a 27 percent increase in online job postings, following a 19 percent increase in May 2021. 
  • Over fifth of UK adults (22 percent) now use the internet to earn money online – representing a small increase on Q1. The most common amounts being around £10-50 per month, through to over £100 a month. This rate has remained stable throughout the year, suggesting that people are beginning to use the increased flexibility of home working to earn additional income online. 
  • The top postings for full time positions in June 2021 were Tutors, Personal Assistants, Data Entry Clerks and Housekeepers. The top postings for part time positions were Writers, Tutors and Couriers.

The new data, part of IA’s ‘3i Report’ series, presents monthly insights on the UK job market using data from national and internet-based resources. The report tracks month to month trends in the online job market and presents unique information on hiring, openings and an online income tracker that identifies the amount of additional income being made by people online through, for example, selling products on platforms like Etsy or Ebay. The tracker shows that over a fifth of UK adults are using the internet to earn money online, with 9 percent of those earning more than £250 a month online. 

The report also highlights how the internet is a vital tool to help people find work and create income in a variety of ways – with the latest update a cause for optimism for the UK full-time and part time jobs market. It shows rapid growth in online job postings after a difficult period during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, and a stabilising rate of people earning money online. 

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