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Iconic red carpet rolled out for Stanmore stars – December 2018

The red carpet was rolled out for Stanmore College’s Annual Awards’ Evening on Thursday, 13th December. This evening celebrated the success of students who completed their studies at the College in the summer of 2018. Despite the cold weather, no seats were left unoccupied.

In addition to awarding students for achieving their qualifications from Entry right up to Degree level, there were special awards for those students who had excelled in various categories.

The evening commenced with a welcome from John Howard, Chair of the Board of Governors. Attendees heard of the journey the College had experienced over the last three years as it had progressively improved. John acknowledged the hard work and dedication of all staff and the leadership of the Principal, Sarbdip Noonan. Thanks was given to fellow governors and congratulations to the students present. A special welcome was extended to Guest of Honour, entrepreneur and Associate Director of Tottenham Hotspur, Jon Reuben, before handing over to Sarbdip Noonan, Principal.

Sarbdip thanked all present for venturing out despite the cold wintery weather to formally celebrate the success of the students, many of whom had blossomed into confident young people ready to contribute to society and the economy since first joining the College. Jon Reuben was invited to take the stage and share his thoughts on education.

Jon’s initial comment was on reflection; he regretted not having engaged more at school and emphasised the crucial role maths had played in his working life. He spoke of hard work and determination telling attendees that all of his achievements had come from trying over and over again. Having good people around you and support was invaluable not just at home but at college too. Jon was pleased to now employ former students of Stanmore College and encouraged young people to utilise the fantastic opportunities college students have to acquire information and skills that can be used in today’s accessible worldwide platform. Jon paid homage to everyone involved for producing what he considered to be great young people.

The lights were dimmed as Heads of Schools, Stephanie Chittenden, Harriet D’Cruz and Vik Seeborun, and Head of Higher Education, Alison Tonkin, each took turns showing video footage of current students in class during which the students commented on their experiences. Their enjoyment of the resources available, engagement in their chosen programmes, and their adrenalin was palpable from the footage. Names of award winners were subsequently called out as an invitation to each to walk up the iconic red carpet and receive a certificate and award.

Award winners included Faye Halliday who was now undertaking a Nursing degree at Hertfordshire University, Kerry Tiernan who had applied to do a degree in Paramedic Science, and Shivam Sakaria who had progressed right through from level 1 to level 3 in Information Technology at Stanmore and had since embarked on a Computer Science degree at Brunel University. Shivam praised the teachers and commended personal tutor, Colin Passfield, for the support he had provided at the College.

The College’s two student governors, Faizan Cheema and Nadia Al Badri, delivered an impressive and emotive speech. Guests were told of their plans; Faizan to become a games designer and Nadia a lawyer, their satisfaction with their study programmes which were enjoyable yet challenging and intentions to help improve the College in any way they can during their time as governors.

It was fantastic to see former Stanmore Forensic Science students, Milan Sachdev and Aneesh Mistry, and hear how well their BSc in BioMedical Science degree was going at Nottingham Trent University. Milan described College as one of the best experiences of his life, saying how friendly and helpful everyone had been and that it had been worth travelling all the way from Chorleywood to Stanmore College every day. Amina Undre, now undertaking a BSc in Physiotherapy at St Georges in London, warmly recalled how College staff had pushed her to get the grades she needed for her degree.

Michelle Remer, one of the students who had achieved a first class Degree in Working with Children and Young People at Stanmore had been a full time carer for her son while studying. The degree had helped Michelle to give her son a better transition into supported living and she now enjoyed a job where others appreciated her experience and knowledge. In Michelle’s view, studying had changed her life and increased her confidence exponentially.

The evening concluded with a cascade of balloons falling from the ceiling after which refreshments were enjoyed and an opportunity for all present to mingle and catch up with fellow alumni and teachers.

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