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Innovative new solution to 20% off-the-job training rule

Apprenticeship providers and employers will be able to access a free webinar series launching this month aimed at dispelling confusion over the new 20% off-the-job training requirement in apprenticeships.

Earlier this year the government released its official policy on the minimum training requirement in apprenticeships. To access funding it is now the responsibility of the training provider and employer to ensure a minimum of 20% of an apprentice’s employed time is spent training off-the-job, which in a full-time working week equates to one day a week spent training.

The new rule has been met with widespread sector debate over the challenges in meeting this requirement accurately. Sector leaders have voiced issues including how to resource training provision, ensure sufficient training quality and evidence training activity.

Apprentice learning needs expert CognAssist has created a free webinar series in response to questions raised. The free series aims to explore the new guidelines and offer an innovative solution to training that counts towards the rule, as well as providing a free template for recording and evidencing training activity.

CognAssist is a pioneering digital solution developed to enable apprenticeship and work-based learning providers to identify, support and fund learners with additional learning needs. With CognAssist, learners are able to access digital training with coping strategies relevant to their learning need, aimed at helping them achieve their qualification.

CognAssist CEO Chris Quickfall said: “As a supplier to the further education sector, we maintain close relationships with apprenticeship providers, employers, Education and Skills Funding Agency leaders and sector leaders. This keeps us informed of both the concerns raised and the realistic requirements to meeting new educational legislation.

“Our new webinar series aims to support apprenticeship providers and employers in meeting the new rule with confidence and efficiency. It is our mission to help move learning quality forward in further education and support apprentices in learning their way.”

There are four separate webinar dates for people to sign up to, with the first commencing Wednesday 17th January 2018. CognAssist plans to provide clear guidance on what counts towards off-the-job training as well as demonstrating how their assessment and training tool is an innovative solution.

CognAssist CEO Chris Quickfall explained: “Our assessment tool and coping strategies offer an ideal fit for the new rule because this type of training is off-the-job, it teaches new skills that contribute to the success of their qualification, can be easily carried out during working hours and provides reports that can be used to evidence training activity.”

Launched in 2016 CognAssist has assessed over 11,000 learners to date using their bespoke learning needs profiling system. Over 2,400 of these learners were identified as having an additional learning need. Responding with tailored learning strategies has seen these learners succeed in their studies with confidence.

Chris Quickfall concludes: “Using our offering to meet the minimum training requirement could be an efficient and effective solution for many apprenticeships across the UK.

“We hope with this webinar we are able to raise awareness of the options available to training providers and employers, and by making it accessible to all we can share the insider knowledge we have gained through our sector-wide network.”

Sign up to CognAssist’s free webinar for a breakdown of the new guidelines and showing you what counts and what doesn’t count towards 20% off-the-job training.

To find out more please email Leah Grimshaw or call on 07766916221. 

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