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Intequal joins the Youth Employment UK Careers Hub

Intequal, a leading IT apprenticeship recruitment company working with some of the most dynamic and exciting companies in the world has joined our ever-growing Careers Hub.

The Intequal Employer Profile will showcase Digital, IT, Marketing and engineering Apprenticeships available through the company, providing insight, inspiration and next steps advice and information.

You can view the Intequal Employer Profile here and see how it fits into our Digital Sector Careers Hub profile here.

The Careers Hub was first launched in September 2017 in response to young people feeding back to us that they did not know what careers exist. Youth Employment UK made the investment into the hub to provide young people with a free resource that would provide impartial and inspiring careers information about the range of careers that are available to young people.

Set across 15 sectors young people can access sector and role information, Labour Market Information (LMI), understand the range of pathways available and the skills required to move into the careers.  The website receives more than 4,000 unique page views per month as young people, schools and colleges continue to use the free resource.

Next Steps:

  • Organisations can work with us to build profiles into the hub, these profiles allow our young users to explore different organisations and career roles. The profiles act as a youth friendly window into an organisation, it can be used to challenge stereotypes,  introduce young people to careers that they never knew existed and so much more. Find out more.
  • Schools, colleges and practitioners can support young people to use our free resources with free to access lesson plans and guides Click here for more information.
  • Young People can continue to explore the world of work and the skills they will need in our youth zone.

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