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Interactive Game-based Learning Gives Teachers Another Tool to Engage Students #FutureofEducation

Britannica Digital Learning announced today (10 Apr) that Britannica’s popular LaunchPacks® Science and Social Studies classroom learning platforms are now integrated with Kahoot!, the popular learning games and trivia quizzes platform.

Kahoot! brings a valuable dimension of game-based learning to LaunchPacks, which contains a rich multimedia content library on 4,000 topics tied to curriculum standards.

With the Kahoot! integration, teachers can now increase classroom engagement through LaunchPacks, which are designed to make lesson planning easier and stoke curiosity in students on topics from magnets to medical imaging, American folk heroes to World War II and many others.

LaunchPacks content sets offer a full range of articles, images, videos and primary sources presented in an engaging interface and optimized for smart devices of any shape and size.

Kahoot! makes it easy to create, share and play fun learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes. Kahoot! is used in a variety of settings—in K-12 and university classrooms, corporate offices, social settings, and major sporting and cultural events. Users can play Kahoot! on any mobile device or laptop with an internet connection and web browser.

Within LaunchPacks, teachers can now use Kahoot! in a variety of ways. For example, a middle school teacher using the Britannica content set on Renaissance art could seamlessly access the corresponding Britannica kahoot quiz or create a kahoot of their own and embed the selected kahoot within the teacher’s view in LaunchPacks.

The Kahoot! platform is ideal for the learning goals of LaunchPacks, said Karthik Krishnan, global CEO of the Encyclopaedia Britannica Group.

“Game-based learning motivates students to dig into a topic,” said Krishnan. “It’s a fun, dynamic way to engage with any subject, and it will dovetail nicely with the way teachers use LaunchPacks, which gives them more recent and vetted content in multiple formats (text, video, infographics) tied to curriculum standards, saves them lesson preparation time, and allows them to personalize and enhance learning.”

He added that the results of Kahoot! quizzes help teachers gauge student learning, giving them an additional assessment tool they’ll find valuable.

“Kahoot! is excited to partner with Britannica, a leading and transformative brand, to gamify its existing content and offer a new engagement channel for teachers and students. With new products such as Kahoot! Plus for publishers, it has never been easier for content owners to include kahoot games within their commercial offerings,” said Craig Narveson, US General Manager of Kahoot!

LaunchPacks, which have drawn customer praise for their relevance and trustworthiness and won numerous adoptions around the country, have seen enhancements in recent months, including the addition of hundreds of new content sets, integration with top learning-management systems, such as Clever, ClassLink, Canvas, Schoology and SAFARI Montage, and alignment with the curriculums of all fifty U.S. states.

“LaunchPacks inspires curiosity and the joy of learning,” said Krishnan. “With Kahoot! as part of the package, students will get more of both.”

About Britannica Digital Learning: Our mission is simple: to ignite curiosity and spread the joy of discovery. Future dreamers, leaders, and builders depend on educators every day to help them learn to examine their world more deeply. We partner with over half of all U.S. schools and 1.6 million teachers, reaching over 32 million students, to provide them with effective, enriching, and innovative tools, resources, and ideas to meet the needs of their students and communities. Britannica Digital Learning is a division of the Encyclopaedia Britannica Group.

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