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Interested In Arts? Here’s How To Find The Right Course And University


Art and design jobs are now officially shortage occupations in the UK, indicating that there is a short supply of people qualified to work in the industry. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in the arts, there are several factors to consider when it comes to your education. Deciding your major field of study is vital, as choosing the right university that will provide you with the skills and experience for a career in arts.

Fields In Arts That Could Interest You

There are several interesting courses in the field of arts. You might be passionate about sketching and want to learn how to draw. For example, learning to draw the perfect eye can take years to develop, but professors at the university can help students refine their skills. This makes a degree course in fine arts and design appropriate, teaching you to relate parts to each other and to view your drawing holistically. If you are keen on planning, designing and overseeing the construction of buildings, a degree in architecture is a suitable choice, while following a course in graphic design allows you to express your creativity everyday. Specialized subjects in the realm of arts are also stimulating, such as industrial, fashion and interior design.    

It is important to possess the aptitude and passion for the arts course that you would like to pursue. This will not only prepare an easy path to earn your degree, but it will also make the entire process enjoyable. Above all, upon graduating, you will work in the field that you like. Too often, many people find themselves studying something that they were not interested in because they made their choices based on the earning potential of a degree. Hence, even though studying a major that leads to a high-income job has a weight in your decision, you should aim to strike a balance between doing something you love and finding a course that will ultimately help you pay the bills. 

Where To Go

Deciding which campus to attend may be a difficult exercise given the number of excellent arts universities. For that reason, it is critical that you aim for a learning institution that specialises in the field you want to study. To illustrate, the University of Arts London is one of the best arts universities in the UK, offering courses in art, media, fashion and design leading to a pre-degree, undergraduate or post graduate degree. If you have already bachelor’s, the Royal College of Arts is an eminent institution that focuses only on post-graduate degrees in art & humanities, architecture, design and communication.

At the University College London, you can study painting, sculpture and fine art media. In Wales, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David offers courses in art, design, music and media. Its faculty is ranked third in design and crafts, according to the University Guide 2021, an indication of a strong and reputable institution. For an international setting, the University of Goldsmiths London is a melting pot of skilled artists from around the world. Its professors are renowned, and their works are regularly displayed in exhibitions all over the globe. 

Art is an exciting field with an array of options that you can study. Deciding on a course that you like is as vital as choosing the school that can teach you the skills and offer an experience that will help you succeed in the job market.

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